Fran McCann

I was born in Belfast 1945 and now live in south Galway, in the west Ireland. All my life I have been driven by art and a lot of my inspiration comes from music, which I would have heard growing up in my own home and which can be heard just about everywhere in Ireland. Also, as a child I would listen to the old Irish mythology stories and in time to come I would knit the music and the old stories together and it is this that one sees in my artwork today. Read More...


Fran is a great lover of music and this has provided much of the inspiration he needed for his own work. Musicians such as Jazz legends Myles Davis, John Coultrane, Barney Kastle and Kenny Burrell have been a big influence on him, as have Pink Floyd, The Chieftains, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Ray Charles and especially Van Morrison. Morrison is a very special influence as he too grew up in the same era and surroundings as Fran and indeed they shared many special days together playing music in Belfast in the early 1960's.

Fran McCann has developed a highly personal and recognisable style, producing paintings of enormous energy and passion.

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